The Original Goal - Accomplished when our doors opened Nov 15, 2015

A space for South Bay residents and visitors to go for viewing and collecting art, much of a local flavor, by local Fine Artists. Participate in workshops, or learn more about art, in an area where people enjoy congregating. A place for South Bay Artists to create artwork in a collaborative environment, hold lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. Interface with the public in an ongoing conversation about art.


The Mission as written in our By-Laws

By nurturing the artist, we enrich the community.

  • To provide public instruction in visual arts in various media through workshops, classes, demonstrations, and lectures and through one-on-one interactions with working artists.

  • To promote art and art appreciation through various art exhibitions open to the public. To educate the public regarding the uses of art to inspire hope, higher ideals, and uplift their emotional well being; there by, enriching each individual and the entire community. Exhibition space may be used by other art associations for their art shows, art exhibitions may be arranged featuring various themes, media, or particular artists, or special exhibitions for local public school children may be sponsored.

  • To provide facilities to engage the public in arts education including day-studio space for artists open to the public to interact with the artists, exhibition space, and workshop space.

  • To sponsor other events or activities which promote public art education.To promote art education within the South Bay area through talks, demonstrations, and workshops open to the public.

  • To be a nurturing, cooperative environment for local artists, art students, and potential art collectors.