Destination: Art Quality Guide

The Quality Guide is the Manual that lays out the standards for artists associated with Destination: Art, particularly Gallery and Studio Artists. By adhering to this minimum set of standards, Destination: Art, as a collective group will be able to support each artist in promoting their own artwork and ensure the success of the organization as a whole.

There are 4 areas of involvement for every artist:

  1. Gallery Sitting

  2. On-going Responsibility

  3. Event related Tasks

  4. Promotion and Customer Care

Gallery Sitting

Since Destination: Art must hold some public hours, we take turns sitting in the gallery. The Scheduler (currently Anna Yu) sets up the schedule for 3 months at a time. She sends out an email asking which dates you are NOT available then sets the schedule.

  • The duties for gallery sitting are listed in the white notebook on the desk in the work area. Every day includes a chore and calling the sitters for the following day.

  • If you need to change the date you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and update the Master Schedule online and on the whiteboard.

  • You are encouraged to invite your friends to come visit you while you are gallery sitting or send out invitations to come see you do a demo. Sometimes a class or workshop may be scheduled during your shift.

  • You will also be asked to come open the gallery for Paint-ins, classes, or events held by outside groups from time to time. You will assist the instructor in setting up and once the class is started, you may leave, as long as appropriate arrangements are made for closing at the end of class.

On-going Responsibilities

Destination: Art is a non-profit co-op group and as such, we do not have any employees but we all help as volunteers to make this business run. Therefore there are on-going jobs that need to be accomplished and each Gallery and Studio Artist is expected to be contributing in some capacity.

On-going Responsibilities Include:

For further explanation of Job Descriptions, See the Job Descriptions Section in this Notebook

Board Of Directors

President & Director – David Wolfram

See President’s Operations Notebook

Vice-President & Director – Dennis Sullivan

Secretary & Director – Sue Kuuskmae

See By-laws for responsibilities

Treasurer & Director - Jean Comings

See By-laws for responsibilities

Director – Lynn Lavezzari, Fundraising Advisor

Director – Catherine Cunningham

Director – Margaret Lindsey

Director – Terri Harkins - Marketing

Membership Jobs

Administrator – This may be an Artist Member or a paid position. – Lois Koza

See Office Manager Operations Notebook.

Membership Director – Al Hagan

Keeps current records using excel, recruits & trains new members (in conjunction with Jurying Committee), collects annual contributions from members. Provides updated rosters to all Gallery and Studio Artists on a quarterly or as-needed basis. Keys.

Public Relations Coordinator –

Writes monthly press release, sends to media, and coordinates PR team to create Editorial

Calendar. Designs and prints brochures, post cards, business cards, hats, aprons, etc.

PR Team – Webmaster – Dennis Sullivan

Keeps website up to date and posts blogs periodically based on items of interest

PR Team – Mail Chimp Online Newsletter editor –

Uses press release and other info to send out weekly newsletter

PR Team – Facebook and other social media and websites – Annie Gomm - paid

Puts out posts on Facebook weekly and teaches other members how.

Keeps our profile and events current on calendar websites.

Community Outreach

Makes presentations to local community groups and businesses for promotion and mutual advantage. Coordinates with vendors, such as the Higbee Frame delivery sservice. Patron relationship development and gratitude. Oversees Rentals and Referrals.

Exhibition & Program Coordinator – David Wolfram

Schedules use of exhibition spaces in the community well in advance, puts out prospectus regarding the show theme, and coordinates with artists to hang show. Recruits instructors and facilitators for use of the classroom.

Wine and Canvas Instructor/Host – Vickie Sekits

Stocks art supplies for these parties. Coordinates with guests and Hospitality Chair.

Gallery Sitting Scheduler - Anna Yu

Schedules all members for gallery sitting shifts. Publishes 3-month schedule and

places it in Gallery-Sitters’ Notebook. Calls the Thursday sitters each week.

Supplies – Vickie Sekits

Stocks paper goods, cleaning supplies, office supplies and keeps storage areas

organized and labeled.

Hospitality – Julia Ward

Provides for coffee and water and keeps kitchenette clean, stocked, organized and labeled.

Coordinates and/or procures refreshments at events, or arranges caterer.

Décor - Linda Thompson

Coordinates “look” of facility, inside and out. Schedules janitorial service.

Maintenance and Storage –

Keeps the storage rooms organized and arranges for any maintenance required to the facility.

Fundraising Committee Chair Plans and involves all members in fundraisers.

If you do not see your name next to a Job Description, then you need to commit to one of these responsibilities. We will help you learn and understand the tasks involved.

Event Related Tasks

From time to time Destination: Art holds events or takes on projects for the purpose of fulfilling our educational mission, to promote the organization, or to benefit the community.

When an event or project has been approved by the Board of Directors, then all Gallery and Studio Artists are expected to contribute in some way. Generally the tasks will be related to the on-going responsibility areas and a General Meeting will be held to plan and assign tasks.

Promotion and Customer Care

To ensure a consistent, quality experience for the public, our clients, and students, the following standards are required for all Gallery and Studio Artists:

  • An Artist Statement as to why you paint, what inspires you, etc

    • Framed in studio for Studio Artists or on tri-fold pamphlet for Gallery Artists

  • Current jpegs (both web resolution of 72 dpi and print resolution of 300dpi) of 5 – 10 paintings in the Artists’ Dropbox for availability to webmaster, newsletter editor, and press releases. Or, send to Dennis Sullivan.

  • A link from each artists’ website to the Destination: Art website.

  • Business cards with Destination: Art info along with your own info and image.

  • Knowledge of how to speak with visitors about art and buying art.

  • Knowledge of how to make and record a sale and use the credit card system.

  • Write thank you notes and/or other gifts to customers who buy your art.

  • Write thank you notes from Destination: Art to instructors or other professionals in the community who help or support Destination: Art.

This Guide is a “living” document and will be updated or expanded as our endeavor unfolds and we refine our operations.

How to Make Labels

  1. Turn on the computer (open lid, push button in upper right of keyboard)

  2. Brush up screen

  3. Put in password

  4. Double click on ArtLabels3 on the Desktop screen.

  5. Place the mouse pointer at the beginning of “Artist Name” and click once to place the cursor. DO NOT highlight “Artist Name”.

  6. Type the artist’s name, then use the delete key to remove the words “Artist Name”

  7.  Repeat steps 2 & 3 placing the cursor at the beginning of “Piece Title”, typing in the name of the piece of art, and deleting “Piece Title”.

  8.  Repeat steps 2 & 3 placing the cursor at the beginning of “Medium”, typing in the medium used for the artwork, and deleting “Medium”.

  9.  Repeat steps 2 & 3 placing the cursor between the dollar sign and the word “Price”, typing in the price for the artwork, and deleting “Price”.

  10.  When you have completed all of the information that you need, print the document and cut out the labels you need. To Print, click FILE in upper left, then click Print, then the box that says Print.

  11. DO NOT save the file. Just close the file so that the next time someone needs labels, the template is exactly as when you started. To close the file, click the X in upper right hand corner. When the dialog box pops up which asks if you want to save changes, Click Don’t Save. This will save the file as originally set up, without your information in it.

  12. Glue your labels onto black foam core backings. See the labeled bin in the work area lower cupboard.